Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Small Business IT

Make IT Work for You

Utilizing information technology at your company shouldn’t be a burden on you. It should help you run your business more efficiently. Although this is the way things should be, some implement information technology and are unsure how to use it to make it work for their business.

Some dwell over and fear IT with the preconceived notion that its complexity will ruin their business, so they fail to adopt any IT system. So often people let their fear blind them of the wonders that IT can work for their businesses.

IT is great for communications and cost effectiveness. It gives you a competitive edge, especially if you’re in an industry that doesn’t use IT as a crucial part of daily operations.

A few examples of how you can use IT even if you own a very small business:

Manage your supply chain, and keep track of when your orders are shipped

  • This enables you to make sure the vendors you use are providing you with the best service possible, so you can have new inventory in on time to best serve your customers. This also makes it easy for you to keep track of what you’re personally shipping from your business.

It allows you to keep business going after office and store hours end

  • Having a website that enables customers to browse and place orders when your business closes for the day or even when they are unable to make the trip in person can make a significant difference in your profitability.

Measure Your Business’ Performance

  • Record sales into databases and use performance metrics to indicate how well your business is doing over difference time periods. This also helps analyze trends during promotional campaigns and business changes to help you understand why business is picking up or slowing down.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Use CRM to retain contact information and customer preferences to maintain relationships. This makes searching for addresses and phone numbers much easier, as well as sending out newsletters, e-mails, updates and promotions.

Written by Melissa Cocks

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