Monday, January 25, 2010

NSK Inc. Hires New Marketing Intern

Name: Michael Lupacchino

Education: Emerson College

Position: Marketing Intern

Michael Lupacchino joined the NSK Inc Team as a Marketing Intern in January 2010. He graduated Cum Laude from Emerson College in December 2009 with a B.S. in Marketing Communications. A native of East Hartford, Connecticut, Michael’s interest in IT began when his mom purchased the family’s first computer (running Windows 95) in 1996.

A self taught technician, Michael slowly immersed himself in virus and spyware removal, registry cleaning, hardware and software instillations, audio and video editing, and wireless network set-up through the help of search engines, online forums, and owner’s manuals.

Previous to NSK Inc, Michael worked for the Emerson College IT Help Desk where he served as a Lab Assistant, Help Desk Technician, and Student Manager. A devout Windows® user, he became well versed in Mac® systems and software during his time at the Help Desk.

Michael was a member of EmComm, Emerson’s student run Integrated Marketing Communications Agency, as an account executive and as Director of Information Technology. He also worked as a freelance marketing consultant for Camp Stanleyfor the Performing Arts.

His other interests revolve around the performing arts. He restarted the Emerson Dance Company in 2007 and served as President until December 2009. He has directed and choreographed numerous showcases and has been involved with Emerson Stage. His most recent work will be shown in X-Dance 2010, debuting in February at Emerson College.

On working at NSK Inc, Michael is incredibly lucky to have found such a position. “To find an internship in both marketing and information technology seemed almost too good to be true.” He says that he is really enjoying his time with the company and is incredibly thankful for the opportunity.

Monday, January 18, 2010

NSK Inc. Hires New Sr. IT Associate

Name: Shane Martz

Education: Gibbs College

Years Active: 10

Originally from Wethersfield, CT, Shane Martz started his career in IT at the age of six when his father brought home a computer. He began working in the IT Industry professionally at eighteen. After spending time at Gibbs College, Shane became a full time employee in the IT Services sector.

Previous to NSK Inc., Shane worked for the IT Department of Skyhook Wireless, a Boston based company that specializes in wireless global positioning technology for mobile devices and smart phones.

Shane joined the NSK Inc. team in January 2010, as a Senior IT Associate. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and is working towards his MSCA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator). Shane is a cross-platform specialist, being well versed in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.

On working at NSK Inc., Shane is thrilled to be here. He cites great business practices and high customer satisfaction as part of the NSK Inc. charm. According to Shane “There is nothing worse than being a provider with customers who don’t like you.” He states he really enjoys the fact that our clients like to work with us and is really excited about furthering his career at NSK Inc.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give in a Crisis.... But be wary who you are giving to

There is an emerging humanitarian crisis in Haiti, currently the front page story on every major new website.

This is a quick security reminder due to the timeliness of the issue. The e-mail I received above is actually legitimate, but this is the same e-mail I would expect a scam-artist to use, just using the hyper-links and shortened URLs to point to illegitimate sites.

Quick security tip:

Be particularly wary of scam artists trying to profit from human nature. When catastrophy strikes, many people want to help and will often be too eager to send their money to bother checking where the money is actually going. Be wary of e-mails soliciting help and more wary still when the URLs are shortened. Don't be discouraged from donating, just make sure you go directly to the site to which you wish to give your time and money. If you want to donate through the Red Cross, go directly to, or to the charity or benefit of your choosing.